Thursday, October 16, 2008

CNBC Explores The Nuclear Power Option But Misses AAEA


Not that we feel entitled to be included in every report about nuclear power, but we do feel that we should be included sometimes, anytime in a report about nuclear power. After all, AAEA was not ONLY the first environmental group in the United States to publicly support nuclear power, but is still the ONLY environmental group in the U.S. that actively and publicly supports the technology. Our president was the first environmentalist to publicly support nuclear power in the United States starting in 2001. CNBC somehow missed us in their one hour report on Oct 14, 2008. This continues an unusual pattern of AAEA being overlooked for getting out front on this issue well before any other environmentalist or environmental group. One would think it would at least merit mention in a one hour cable news show special.

CNBC took out a full page ad for the show in The Wall Street Journal. It featured a picture of Melissa Francis as the reporter for this episode. How did you miss us Melissa? Maybe our visits to so many nuclear plants and facilities all over the world have rendered us invisible. The ad says, "Powering America's Future" with a subtitle of "The Nuclear Option." The description says "Nuclear energy is arguably cleaner, cheaper and more efficient than oil. Still, it's faced decades of resistance in America. Join CNBC for a provocative look at the facts and fears behind this controversial source of energy. We'll show you why some are even arguing for a nuclear power plant in their own backyard." The WSJ ad had a typical picture of a cooling tower instead of a containment dome, which is really the most important part of a nuclear plant.

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