Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Booker Rising: Moderate Blog Covers Environmental Issues

Booker Rising is a blog that bills itself as a "News Site For Black Moderates and Black Conservatives." This dynamic blog comes out of Chicago and has a massive national and international readership. The site is run by Shay, who is shy about posting a picture of herself. She is a true moderate with quirky musical tastes. Stop by the site and check it out. It is also refreshing to read comments from her readers that tack right of center. Booker Rising describes its mission:
"Inspired by Booker T. Washington's work, this website will promote self-help, education, enterprise, democracy, and society as the seeds for Black America's future. Booker Rising will provide commentary, highlight our progress and achievements, and discuss moderate and conservative solutions to our communities' challenges."

We are really impressed about how often Booker Rising covers environmental issues. Check out the Booker Rising Categories for "Environment," where well over one hundred stories have been posted. When Booker Rising features AAEA, our site hit count always goes way up. Hundreds of people view the Booker Rising site every day. Shay is a no nonsense moderator and freely comments with the Booker Rising commenters. So go often to Booker Rising and don't forget to DONATE while you're there.

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