Thursday, December 18, 2008

For The Record: Nancy Sutley Is [Not] Black

Numerous Google inquiries are directing people to AAEA questioning whether CEQ Chairwoman-designee Nancy Sutley is Black. She is not African American. She is not Black. Her parents are Argentinian and we guess her pictures show some of that flavor [makes people think she is African American]. Of course, Black comes in many shades when it comes to designating people as such. The Los Angeles Times reports: "Sutley was raised in Queens, New York and is the daughter of immigrants from Argentina."

President Elect Obama has generated much discussion about who is 'Black.' We accept the historical 'one drop' rule added to the person's self identification as being African American. The 'taxi cab test' can also establish the parameter for those who are dark but reject the label. Ah race. America really shocked the American Black Community by electing Barack Obama as president. Yet there are still black communities in virtually every city in the United States and AAEA will continue to try to educate the public about the serious and unique need to protect and clean up pollution in many of them.

More on Nancy Sutley and the President's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)

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