Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mainstream Environmentalists Will Oppose Obama Highways

AAEA was the only environmental group in the United States to support the Woodrow Wilson Bridge replacement and the Maryland Intercounty Connector (ICC). We support needed highway infrastructure projects in addition to supporting mass transit in order for traffic and people to move more effectively. We want mothers and fathers to get home faster to their families. We support the green jobs, including replacement of drinking water and sewer lines, that will be created by these construction projects.

Traditional environmental groups generally oppose highway and bridge projects, as reflected in monolithic opposition to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge replacement and the Maryland Intercounty Connector. Will mainstream environmental groups oppose President Obama's plans to rebuild the nation's crumbling highways? Definitely. Of course the 'prominent' green groups will support the new president's efficiency and conservation plans, including the replacement of aging heating systems and installation of efficient light bulbs in federal buildings and schools, among others. Yet President Obama should be prepared for battle with the Washington, D.C.-based green groups on what is being described as, "The largest investment in roads and bridges since the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s." Although AAEA is neither mainstream, traditional nor 'prominent,' we will aggressively support President Obama's entire green jobs infrastructure program.

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