Friday, January 16, 2009

AAEA Establishes Robert J. Knox Research Institute

The Robert J. Knox Research Institute (RJK) has been established as a project of the African American Environmentalist Association to continue the work that was diligently pursued by its namesake. The RJK Research Institute will publish research papers and other documents that address issues of faith and environmental justice. Mr. Knox was passionate about environmental justice issues and he was very deliberate in working on faith-based initiatives during his career. We are combining his twin interests and hope that researchers will publish thought provoking papers that will be published in a tome entitled "Faith and Environmental Justice."

Bob Knox was a friend and inspiration to AAEA as he was to many other institutions and people all over the country. Mr. Knox was the consummate professional while serving as Associate Director of the Office of Environmental Justice at the Headquarters of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He was the EPA representative at the White House Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Conferences.

Mr. Knox made everyone feel welcome at EPA and although he will be missed, we have established the RJK Research Institute to provide a vehicle to complement his unique insights and intelligence. Bob did not pursue the spotlight or even credit for his many accomplishments, but he was a dynamic force and a true hero. As a member of AAEA, Bob will always serve as an example for all of our members, staff and volunteers. Bob may not be with us anymore, but his spirit will live on through the research others will submit to the institute for publication.

Papers will be published and distributed for others to read. If you would like to submit a paper on Faith and Environmental Justice, please contact us by clicking on the link below:

Special thank you to Mr. Knox's widow, Betty Knox for granting AAEA permission to establish the Robert J. Knox Research Institute.

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