Friday, February 06, 2009

President Obama: Please Keep White House Raccoons

UPDATE 2/27/09: The White House raccoons have been captured by the U.S. Park Service. We only have five words:


We just heard a news report on WJLA-TV (ABC-7) in Washington, D.C. that raccoons have been discovered on the White House grounds. The report said the Park Service would be setting traps to cage and remove them. President Obama, we are respectfully requesting that you allow the urban fauna to remain on the White House grounds.

Raccoons are wily and know when and how to come and go without scaring or threatening humans. We believe First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia and Sasha will be perfectly safe with the raccoons around. We are sure the raccoons simply enjoy the well-manicured South Lawn. They are probably just foraging for food if they can find any late at night. And imagine the thrill if you look out the window and see a raccoon scurrying across the South Lawn (or front lawn) late one night. You will know that Washington, D.C. wildlife is healthy and thriving in our nation's capital.

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