Saturday, January 16, 2010

Booker Rising Covers Conservative Blacks On Glenn Beck

AAEA Wonders Why Conservative Blacks Align With Liberal Blacks Against Cap & Trade

We love Booker Rising and nobody covers moderate to conservative Black thought as well or as comprehensively as its publisher, Shay Riley (who is shy). As such, Booker Rising provided good coverage of the recent "Glenn Beck Meeting With Black Conservatives, Part 2."

Our interest in Beck's two shows with Black conservatives is related to their general opposition to cap and trade as a tool to fight climate change. AAEA supports cap and trade. It is interesting to us that the Black conservatives align with the liberal Black environmental justice activists in opposing cap and trade legislation. These EJ groups do not make too much noise in their opposition to cap and trade though because they are on the wrong side of the liberal left mainstream environmental movement establishment on this issue.

Mainstream environmental groups support cap and trade. So AAEA finds itself in the unusual position of aligning with traditional environmental groups against the views of conservative Black and environmental justice groups. How odd. Yet, AAEA has an environmental justice solution to complaints about possible disproportionate environmental impacts of cap and trade legislation - - Environmental Justice Allowance Reserve (EJAR), which provides carbon dioxide allowances to address this potential problem.

The EJAR is market-based so it should satisfy the interests of the conservative Blacks. It also directly addresses environmental justice, which should satisfy the interests of environmental justice activists and climate justice activists.

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