Friday, January 08, 2010

Jerome Ringo Joins GreenPort

Jerome Ringo, left, president of the Apollo Alliance since 2005, has accepted the position as senior executive for global strategies with GreenPort, a private company that focuses on establishing sustainable “green” ports around the world. Ringo will continue as a member of the board of directors at the Apollo Alliance.

Our very first blog article in March 2005 was about Jerome Ringo when he was elected Chairman of the Board of the National Wildlife Federation.

Ringo has been a dedicated champion of environmental justice and vocal clean energy advocate. He began his career working in Louisiana’s petrochemical industry, where for more than a decade he was an active union member and worked with fellow members to secure a safe work environment and quality jobs. As he began to observe the negative impacts of the industry’s pollution on local communities – primarily poor, minority communities – Jerome began organizing community and environmental justice groups. His experience organizing environmental and labor communities and his drive to further diversify the environmental movement helped solidify his lifelong dedication to environmental and social justice. (Apollo Alliance)

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