Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rhon Hayes: Co-Founder of Green DMV

Rhon Hayes, left, is the co-founder of Green DMV, a non-profit organization seeking to promote clean energy and green jobs in low-income communities across America as a pathway out of poverty. Rhon first gained an interest in the environmental sciences over 15 years ago while working on Brownfield issues in Dallas, Texas under EPA administrator Carol Browner. Rhon also received early exposure to environmental injustice in the Southside of Chicago while working with the EPA’s Environmental Justice Division to examine minority populations residing in close proximity to pollution-producing facilities.

In 2007, Rhon co-founded Green DMV to address the most critical social and environmental concerns by educating low-income communities about energy efficient and green job training opportunities. Rhon focuses on educating small businesses in disadvantaged communities, providing environmental education in underserved school districts and working with other non-profits and community groups to reach the most vulnerable residents in low-income communities through green job opportunities.

Prior to co-founding Green DMV, Rhon worked in both the dotcom and newspaper industry for nearly 7 years with Gannett Co. and USATODAY helping to build a solid information technology infrastructure to support its wide portfolio of domestic and international holdings. Rhon later joined the Center for American Progress headed by the former John Podesta, Chief of Staff for the Clinton Administration.

AAEA President is an Advisor to Green DMV.

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