Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Jobs You Would Never Guess Pay Really Well

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Whenever someone asks what you do, invariably they will try and see how much that job pays. Whether they ask outright or feel you out, the answer can be impressive or sad. However, if you fall into the below ten jobs you would never guess pay really well, you can have their jaws on the floor.

While some require graduate degrees, most only require moderate education, reasonable experience, and an ability to excel at it. These jobs and careers not only offer excellent pay, but many have great benefits or other interesting perks. So without further ado, here are the ten jobs you would never guess pay really well ordered mostly by size of pay.

1) Specialist Nurse, 2) Forensic Odontology, 3) Sommelier, 4) Brewmaster, 5) Certified Ethical Hacker, 6) Arbitrator/ Mediator/ Conciliator, 7) Repo Man, 8) Subway and Streetcar Operator, 9) Gaming Supervisor and 10) Appraiser

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