Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AAEA Launches South Africa Energy Partnerships Program

AAEA is embarking upon a strategy to create partnerships between American, European and South African energy companies and governments. This strategy is comprehensive and covers the full range of natural resources from coal, oil, nuclear, natural gas, mining, electricity, hydro, conservation, efficiency, water resources, and carbon dioxide offsets. AAEA is seeking to partner with companies interested in working with companies that not only want to generate profits via appropriate technologies and environmentally friendly projects, but who also seek to expand ownership opportunities for environmental entrepreneurs.

AAEA is currently meeting with American companies to brief them about investment and project opportunities in South Africa and throughout the African Union. AAEA is seeking direct and indirect partnerships to pursue energy development projects. We are seeking ownership stakes in energy and water ventures. AAEA also intends to examine the feasibility of leveraging greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets in financing projects and compensating African Union countries for reducing their carbon footprints.

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