Friday, August 27, 2010

Iris Cross: Manager, External Affairs, Houston, BP America

Now appearing in BP television commercials

Twenty five years experience in government and public affairs, with extensive knowledge in philanthropy and community relations. Currently responsible for shaping and implementing BP’s community investment programs.

Tenure with BP also included Director, Community Relations, BP Texas City, where an extensive community relations program was implemented, building relationships among employees, community and city reps.; Director, National Programs, which included managing the company’s national constituent initiatives, administered a $10 million budget, which included local and national recommendations, volunteerism programs, and corporate contributions, planned and coordinated highly visible BP sponsored events; Director, Community Relations, Houston; and Consultant, Community Relations, California.

Prior to the merger of Amoco with British Petroleum, held numerous positions in Chicago, including Program Advisor, Community Relations; Coordinator, Community Affairs; and Secretary of the Board, Amoco Foundation, Inc. (Linkedin)

BP Rejects AAEA's Partnership Proposal

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