Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Juliet Eilperin Publishes Environmental Justice Story

The title shows that Juliet has come a long way.  And we think we had something to do with that by publicly criticizing her.  We had to point out that The Washington Post environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin avoided quoting Black people.  But once Barack Obama was elected president and Lisa Jackson was appointed as EPA administrator, she had no choice but to quote Blacks on environmental policy.  We chuckled at her being forced to quote Black people. 

And we know that she saw our criticism of her. Aren't the internet and blogs great.  For the longest time we had no recourse but to sit back and take it while people like Ms. Eilperin refused to get our message out.

But now she has published her first environmental justice article: "Environmental Justice Issues Take Center Stage."  Glory hallelujah.  Free at last.  Free at last.  Thank God Almighty, Juliet Eilperin is free at last.

We recognize and applaud progress.  One more such article and we are going to take down all of our blog articles criticizing Ms. Eilperin about excluding Blacks. 

The article addresses the fly ash issue. (Wash Post, 11/21/2010)

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