Monday, November 29, 2010

Karen Bowlding: New Blog and New Book

Karen Bowlding is a freelance writer and editor providing professional custom service to small businesses, authors and individuals. Her Debatable Matters Blog is for 'honest Christian debate on today's matters.'

She has published two books:

1) "Say No! With A Smile"

2) "Living In Autumn While Preparing For Spring: The Journey Towards Marriage.

Karen Bowlding says:
“I love editing. I’m a researcher. My passion is to see people grow. I take pleasure in working with a raw document and then after hard work seeing the result. My mind constantly runs with ideas to better a project. As long as I’m in His will at this time, I will continue to help others get their work done.”
The books are available on Karen Bowlding's Website.

In "Say No! With A Smile," Mrs. Bowlding writes:
Too many women, including the author, don’t sit still, Women are constantly doing things for other people… listening to folks problems; taking on other people’s burdens; driving someone somewhere; loaning out money to people they know can’t afford to give it back; and being places she doesn’t want to be.

Bowlding says, "Saying no with a smile is an internal, not an outward expression. It is not a grin or smirk on your face when you decline an offer, but a private high-five because you were able to say no without self-reproach. It is contentment within yourself at your ability to overcome by saying what you truly feel; being pleased in your spirit."

The book will give readers information on when to say no, how to say it, and do it without feeling guilty. The book also provides tips on what to do with the “free” time once someone learns the art of saying no. Bowlding wrote the book to help her deal with her own issues, and hopes that she will help other women grow into saner, and less harried women.
At present she, her husband Andre and young daughter reside in Maryland. Education: Springfield College, BS; University of Maryland University College, MS.

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