Friday, April 29, 2011

Musings on Energy & Environmental Justice Conferences


By Norris McDonald

I'll bet that I was the only person to participate in both the American Association of Blacks in Energy 34th Annual Conference and the 5th Annual Environmental Justice in America 2011 Conference.  Both conferences were on the same days but in different cities.  The AABE conference was at the Hyatt in Jersey City, New Jersey and the EJ in America conference was at the Marriott in Washington, DC.  I moderated a panel, "Reducing Our Carbon Footprint," at the AABE conference. 

Both conferences were great.  Both were well atteneded with hundreds of participants and excellent forums.  Frank Stewart and Paula Jackson are the principal coordinators of the AABE conference and John Rosenthall is the coordinator of the EJ in America conference.

Maybe next year, if these two camps are going to hold their conferences on the same days, then maybe they should hold a co-conference at the Washington Convention Center or at the Gaylord Convention Center at National Harbor.

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