Thursday, August 18, 2011

AAEA Kenya Director Named Director at Jahwar Amber Fund

Boaz Adhengo
Jahwar Amber Fund, publisher of the Balozi Journal has appointed Mr. Boaz Adhengo as its Programs Director, a role that could lead to being ‘Editor–in– Chief’ of the Balozi Magazine.

Boaz established the AAEA Kenya Office in 2010.  His role as director will complement the Jahwar Amber Fund and AAEA.  AAEA will provide outreach support for the fund and the fund's journal will provide an additional platform for disemination of AAEA information.

Boaz is the man for the job because he has the unique entrepreneurial qualities to make both institutions a success.  We hope that others will support his efforts by making donations to the fund and AAEA.

The fund was established in 2009 as an effort to steer the realization of Church – State separation in Kenya, focusing greatly on campus projects and consequently diversifying its approach to involve capacity building of like-minded organizations in East Africa.

The next issue of Balozi Journal will focus on “Genetically Modified Organisms,’ highlighting the possible debates en route to ending famine and drought in Africa at large, using successful Kenyan examples and documented cases. This owes to the fact that at this time of the year, Kenya is recording numbers of starved children and the whole region is suffering from food insecurity, which warrants a probable debate on such issues.

Articles are welcomed for submission to be considered on the next issue of Balozi Journal, which is managed by the AAEA Kenya Office.

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