Friday, September 02, 2011

I Love Going To The White House


By Norris McDonald

Norris McDonald at The White House
I toured the White House last Friday. Although I have been to the White House several times in the past few years, I had never been on the tour.  It is self guided and you get to take your time and examine pictures and rooms.  I entered through the 15th Street, NW entrance and went through three security check points.  I'm very familiar with this entrance because it is the one I have used most for events in the East Wing.  You use another entrace for West Wing events.   I looked at the various photographs, which I usually just walk by and peered through the south facing windows out into the Rose Garden and South Lawn.   After quick peeks into the Library and a couple of other rooms I went up the stairs to the second floor.

The East Room was being completely renovated.  I've been to many events in the East Room.  Then around to the Green Room.  I was excited about going to the Green Room because that is the room where the president usually enters and exits the East Room.  Although I had been in the Red Room and the Blue Room, I had never been in the Green Room.  I took a picture with President Bush in the Red Room.  I also had the opportunity to chat with him for a brief moment too.  The State Dining Room (down the hallway from The East Room) was being painted.  I guess the Park Service, which manages the White House, was touching up all they could while the president was on vacation in Martha's Vineyard.  There were renovations going on outside too (pressure washing and replacing stone walk panels).

I exited to the front driveway of the White House and looked out over the lawn facing Pennsylvania Avenue where the Keystone XL protesters were demonstrating.  I looked up to the 3rd floor, the President's and First Lady's residence. After getting some other tourists to take my picture with their cell phone cameras, I exited via Pennsylvania Avenue.  I like the tour.  If you've never been to the White House, you should put it on your tour schedule.

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