Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Environment Network - BEN

Based in the United Kingdom, Black Environment Network (BEN) is a unique organization, recognised nationally and internationally as the pioneer working for ethnic environmental participation. BEN was established to promote equality of opportunity with respect to ethnic communities in the preservation protection and development of the environment.

BEN proposes there is no such thing as a pure environmental project - a so called pure environmental projects is one which has rejected its social and cultural context. BEN therefore works to integrate social, cultural and environmental concerns in the context of sustainable development. In order to achieve this, we work across diverse sectors. Our current themes integrate the areas of natural environment, the built environment, heritage, social justice, health and housing.


To have representation and participation, at all levels, of ethnic communities in the built and natural environment, which reflects the profile of the ethnic population in Britain

Organizational Aims

To represent issues and concerns relating to ethnic participation in the built and natural environment

To develop training and consultancy services in order to underpin ethnic participation

To develop, strengthen and maintain the Network

To secure resources in order to maintain and increase operations across the UK

To address current issues and concerns relating to ethnic participation in the natural and built environment

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