Tuesday, May 08, 2012

David Hahn-Baker Circa 2012


By Norris McDonald

David Hahn-Baker, Norris McDonald
Hooked up with my old buddy David Hahn-Baker today.  He is Inside The Beltway for a board meeting and staying with a friend in Silver Spring.  We met out there and Dave updated me on his work.  Wow.  The man is busy.  But David was always ahead of his time.  In fact, there was a time when Dave and I were the only blacks working in the DC-based environmental movement.  My my how times have changed.

It was good to see Hahn-Baker.  He is hobbled by MS and I carry the asthma cross.  But we are still kicking.  And evidently having the best times of our lives professionally.  Dave is operating out of Buffalo now and is involved in a variety of issues, causes and environmental work. 

David walks with a cane and uses a wheelchair for more extensive getting around.  But my boy is still sharp of mind, if not fleet of foot.

We drove down to the part of Silver Spring near the Discovery Channel and found an outside place to eat.  It was great to catch up and share some time.  Baker, to me, is a legend.  He cut quite the path in the environmental movement in the early 1980's.  And though banged up a bit, he is as active as ever.  We picked each others brains for ideas and broke bread together. 

What a time.  Dave, you still inspire me.

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