Wednesday, February 27, 2013

National Black Chamber Says Environmentalist Are Evil

Harry Alford
By Harry Alford
National Black Chamber of Commerce

The Evil Ways of Environmentalists

The Environmental Movement has been around since the days of naturalist John Muir (late 19th century) who is the founder of the Sierra Club. Back then it had high credibility and did great work to promote and preserve our natural beauty such as national parks, lakes and rivers. Sometime in the 1950’s it started straying into scare tactics. A popular claim was Global Cooling – we were going to freeze to death via our polluting ways. Then it turned to the opposite claim of global warming after a few warm years.

President Nixon used this cause to divert our attention from the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-war furor over Vietnam. He proclaimed Earth Day as an annual event and enlarged the Environmental Bureau into a separate agency, the Environment Protection Agency, EPA. This worked and today the EPA has become one of the most meddling entities in the federal government. It is a friend of the environmentalists and is often used as a weapon for their advocacy.

Under the Clinton Administration the environmentalists started an outrageous claim. They accused corporate America of seeking Black communities to dump their waste, poison the water and render the land toxic. They summed it up by calling the mythical activity “Environmental Racism” and persuaded (funded) local civil rights groups to join in the fight and demand “Environmental Justice”. This died down after about ten years.

One of the current activities of the environmentalists is the assault on coal. They want to kill the coal industry. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $50 million to the Sierra Club for the sole purpose of killing off our coal industry. Right now they have the EPA planning to shut down over 31 coal fired utility plants by way of a “Rule”. Rules are like executive orders whereby it avoids congressional approval. With the blessing of the President they just do it as if it were voted legislation. This will wreck our economy and destroy our personal worth if we don’t fight back and stop the action. Think of the many thousands of jobs that will be lost and the rising cost of electricity we will all be stuck with.

Another tactic by the environmentalists is a legal proceeding known as “Sue and Settle”. This is done by collusion between the environmentalists and pro-environmentalist bureaucrats. These groups will file a massive lawsuit against the EPA, Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Services, etc. The problem is the “deal” has already been made. Thus, the agency being sued will quickly sit down and settle with the environmentalists. In the end, it is like a wish list for the suing environmentalists as the federal agency gives them just about everything they want.

According to Marita Noon, Executive Director, Energy Makes America Great Inc., “In 2011, the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) entered into a massive settlement of a lawsuit filed by environmental groups in which the agency promised to address more than 250 candidate species it had previously found warranted protection but were precluded from listing due to a backlog. As a part of the behind-closed-door agreement, the FWS also pledged to review hundreds more species proposed for listing.” According to Senator David Vitter (R-LA), “It is the sue-and-settle agreements. This future regulation could prohibit many beneficial uses of tens of millions of acres of private property. 

All this was set in motion while no affected landowner or other stakeholder was given any opportunity for input”. You can’t “break ground” on land that houses a registered endangered species – factual or not. Just like that millions of acres will be denied any development or growth. Economic opportunities and millions of jobs will be put on “ice” so that the environmentalists can have their way. This sue-and-settle racket is growing in use and we and Congress must stop this mockery. In effect, it is a conspiracy to behave in such a matter within the court of law.

The National Black Chamber of Commerce spends an inordinate amount of time fighting these environmentalists who come after our communities in so many ways. They lie, cheat and deceive in so many ways. Internationally, they have a collective treasury of over $8 billion to push their agenda. What is that agenda? To stop growth and positive change as Commerce is their enemy. Jobs, commodities, manufacturing, etc. are bitter items to them. Funny, most of these groups are made up of very wealthy people who got their wealth through plain American style capitalism. They now want to prevent the rest of the population from having a chance to do the same. They will continue their evil ways and we will continue to fight them. Free Enterprise is our mission. (NBCC)

Mr. Alford, co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: Email:


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