Monday, March 21, 2005

Was Clinton better than Bush on the Environment?

Mainstream environmental groups call President Bush the worst environmental president in history. These same groups complained about President Clinton when he and Vice President Al Gore were in office. What did Clinton do that Bush has not done?

President Clinton did not support the Kyoto Protocol. He did not issue mercury regulations. He did sue utilities under the New Source Review regulations (some utilties are now settling), but the Bush administration is pursuing those cases. Maybe Clinton was constrained because a Clean Air Act Amendment was passed two years before he entered office and an energy bill was passed in 1992 when he was entering office.


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Kelly L Taylor said...

I'm curious to learn more about the environmental differences between these two. But I do understand that when Bush took office, the new source review lawsuits were put on hold, and many of the settlements were delayed - although I don't believe any of the suits were dropped or canceled.