Friday, July 05, 2013

Wildfire Mitigation Program

The AAEA Wildfire Mitigation Program (WMP) includes pre-cutting wood in wildfire areas to prevent or mitigate uncontrolled burns and to generate electricity via construction of 10 megawatt wood-chip-to-electricity plants.  We want to save lives and property while producing electricity and employing youth by building power plants that would use wood from wildfire areas.

Trees Cut To Prevent Wildfire

We intend to get wood from national forests, federal and state park lands and other public and private lands.  We intend to utilize young people to collect the wood, which is described in detail in our Cities To Wilderness Program (CWP)

Woodchip-To-Electricity Plant

Although no commercial activities or machinery can be operated in some wilderness areas, we intend to recruit youth to produce wildfire buffer areas that eliminate some of the wood and brush that fuels uncontrolled wildfires.  In areas that prohibit machiner of any kind, this will involve some cutting that uses axes and manual or animal assisted transport of fuel to collection areas.

Center With Interns On Creek Walk
AAEA initiated a project called Green Electric (GE) in 2011 to coordinate the construction of wood-chip-to-electricity plants.    We conducted scoping and plant construction promotion in Mississippi and California (and Catalina Island).  We are also proposing to build a plant in Kogelo, Kenya

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