Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Compton-To-Catalina Program A Complete Success

The 2012 Compton-To-Catalina (CTC) Program was a complete success.  AAEA provided a valuable environmental service to the youth of Compton, California.  The CTC Program provided a rich environmental experience for participants and the Center engaged two churches and one community organization to participate in the program.

AAEA established a partnership with the Greater Union Baptist Church (GUBC) to operate an environmental tour called the "Compton To Catalina Program," which takes students and other young people from Compton, California to Catalina Island. The Center and the California Center for Economic Initiatives (CCFEI) are also partnering under the Compton To Catalina Program to expose Compton youth to boat repair and to provide technical training services.

Participants board the Catalina Express in Long Beach, California to make the one hour trip to the island. Once on Santa Catalina Island, the participants toured Southern California Edison's electricity generating station at Pebbly Beach, the island's primary electricity generation source. Later they boarded a semi-submersible to observe underwater life around the island.

Participants included:

April 21, 2012: First trip participants included: 1) Sam Darling, Glendale College, 2) Moriah Earley, LaSerna High School, 11th Grade, 3) Lori Wright, King-Drew High School, 11th Grade, 4) Alexandra Kidd, La Serna High School, 11th Grade, 5) Spencer Potter, Lakewood High School.      Chaperones included Sammy Darling and Norris McDonald.

October 6, 2012: Second trip participants included: 1) Carlee Shepherd, Bancroft Middle School, 2) Keiarah Mitchell, Gardena Valley Christian School, 3) Candyce Clifton, Gardena Valley Christian School, 4) Benjamin White, Mira Costa High School, 5) Darren Daniels-Stokes, King/Drew Magnet High School.  Chaperones included: Richard Hastings, Christ Center Church & Debra Hastings, Christ Center Church and Norris McDonald.

October 13, 2012: Third trip participants included: 1) Tia Bondley, 15, Centennial High School, 2) Kelsee Williams, 14, Bellflower High School, 3) Raejonette Morgan, 12, LaTiera, 4) Khalilah Muhammad, 13, New Designs Charter School-Watts, 5) Nekko Williams, 17, Home Schooled K-12.  Chaperones included Bernard Peyton and Norris McDonald.

The Compton To Catalina Program is being operated thanks to a grant from Southern California Edison.

The purpose of the program is to expose young people from Compton to the Pacific Ocean and an incredibly beautiful island. People take it for granted that the vast majority of these kids never get on the water and many people live their entire lives without directly experiencing the Pacific Ocean even though they live within five or ten miles of it. We believe that such early exposure to this environment could lead to a lifelong environmental stewardship ethic.

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