Tuesday, February 05, 2013

AAEA Partners With S.L. Sibert Management & Construction Company

AAEA is partnering with the S.L. Sibert Management and Construction Company (SLSMC) to pursue pipeline construction contracts and pipeline ownership opportunities.

Sam Sibert
Norris McDonald
This is a particularly important time for this partnership because natural gas will be the dominant fuel source for new electricity power plants.  Liquefied natural gas exports will also be expanding significantly due to the increased utilization of hydraulic fracturing (fracking).  The Center and SLSMC intend to aggressively participate in this natural gas renaissance.

SLSMC founder and president Sam Sibert notes that, "thousands of miles of pipelines will be developed in the coming decade."    AAEA founder and president Norris McDonald says, "these pipelines will be on public and private lands.  We are seeking partners who can help facilitate our participation in this exciting new energy developement."  Please contact us if you are interested in such a partnership.

The SLSMC, formed in 1993, is a top pipeline construction company in the gas and electric industry. SLSMC is currently a primary contractor for the Texas Utilities and Electric Company (TXU). In 1996 S. L. Sibert became a prime contractor for TXU installing electrical services to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Sibert widen the field in 1999 by including gas services to its rapidly expanding range of capabilities when they signed an Alliance Contract with TXU-Gas. Under the Alliance Contract Sibert installs new gas services in the Western Regions of Dallas and Fort Worth. In 2001 Sibert was able to showcase its advanced techniques in Directional Boring by completing a highly profiled water-line replacement job for Colleyville, Texas using a specific Boring method. The Colleyville water-line replacement was the first job of its kind completed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Sam L. Sibert is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. Sibert played for Kentucky State University where he helped lead his team to two NAIA national championships. Sibert also played in the National Basketball Association for Kansas City-Omaha King. He is founder and CEO of S.L. Sibert Company and he built one of the largest construction companies in north central Texas with employees operating in several states including Oklahoma.


Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

Nice to see African-Americans becoming more cognizant of environmental concerns.

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Congratulations on the partnership!