Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pre Spring Organic Weeding Report

If you did not hand-pull yard weeds this Winter you are in big trouble. Winter only slowed growth and it was important to bend your back, squat and kneel down to really see and pinch those weeds out by the root with your ungloved index finger and thumb. The true aficionado will reap great rewards and a significant reduction in weed and feed. Diligent winter weeding has its rewards.

Organic weeding enhances mental and physical health because it is so relaxing and provides some exercise. If you have been too busy to scan the front and back yards for juvenile weeds and pluck them, then your life is out of balance. There is still time to regain balance in your life. Just as the daffodils are about to announce Spring by displaying their blossoms, eliminating competition for nutrients by hand pulling weeds will be greatly appreciated by your lawn grass and Mother Nature. Such activity can simulate real outback adventure and provide great communion with nature in a sterile suburb.

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