Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Environmental Movement Features Nuclear Power

If global warming and climate change are the most important environmental issues facing us today, then nuclear power has to be one of the leading solutions to these problems. This view was expressed on June 28, 2005 at a pronuclear rally held on the Capitol steps in Jackson, Mississippi and represents a practical environmental movement . Blacks, whites, greens, government, and industry praised nuclear power and endorsed building a new nuclear facility at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Click below for the rally.

Pronuclear Rally
Video sent by NorrisMcDonald
Speakers Included

Jim Reinsch, American Nuclear Society

Amelda Arnold, Mayor, Port Gibson, Mississippi

Norris McDonald, AAEA President (Complete Speech Below)

Michael Stuart, Young Generation in Nuclear

James Miller, Claiborne County Administrator

Scott Peterson, Nuclear Energy Institute

George Williams, VP Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

Norris McDonald at Pronuclear Rally
Video sent by NorrisMcDonald

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