Tuesday, June 26, 2007

River Terrace Community Questions Mayor Fenty on Air

The River Terrace Community Organization (RTCO) recently held a meeting at the River Terrace Elementary School, where Urban Protectors President George Gurley and energy consultant A. Bernard Jones (with Norris McDonald at left and Mayor Fenty at right) briefed them on clean air issues related to the PEPCO powe plant across the street. RTCO President Doris Bishop opened the meeting with a prayer from Rev. Cornelia Dickens and Sgt. Howard Ragin have a crime report. ANC Commissioner Warees Majeed also gave a report to the community.

The Benning Road PEPCO plant has been controversial for years to the River Terrace Community. The community believes the plant has caused significant health problems.

AAEA worked with George Gurley in 1990 to host the first national Earth Day event in Washington, DC to coincide with the National Earth Day event on the National Mall. Reveerend Jesse Jackson and Mayor Marion Barry addressed the gathering, which was held at the River Terrace Elementary Schoo.

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