Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clinton Flanking Obama on Environmental Justice?

Senator Hillary Clinton appears to be taking a leadership role on environmental justice (EJ). And it was just two years ago that Clinton and Obama were holding hands on EJ when they introduced the Healthy Communities Act of 2005 together. Now it appears that the gloves are coming off after the CNN/YouTube debate. Senator Obama must walk carefully around 'black' issues so that he will not alienate his white voter base (they don't want him to be 'too' black like Jesse and Al). Hillary does not have that problem, although she is similarly encumbered by the female issue.

Senator Clinton is chairing a hearing entitled, "Oversight of the EPA's Environmental Justice Programs," Subcommittee on Superfund and Environmental Health. hearing entitled, “Oversight of the EPA’s Environmental Justice Programs." EPA, academicians and activists will present testimony. There will also be some coverage of an environmental justice bill introduced by Congressman Hilda Solis. AAEA is shopping a bill with teeth. The Solis bill basically codifies Bill Clinton's Executive Order 12898. (Clinton Press Release)

Okay Barack. You gonna dance or let Hillary have the floor?

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