Thursday, February 13, 2014

Calvin G. Butler Jr. to Become BGE CEO

Calvin G. Butler, Jr.
Baltimore Gas and Electric announced Feb. 12 that Calvin G. Butler will become the chief executive officer of the Central Maryland-based company. With current CEO and President Kenneth W. DeFontes Jr.’s retirement becoming official on Feb. 28 after 42 years, Butler will move up from his current position as BGE’s senior vice president of regulatory and external affairs.

Stephen J. Woerner, who currently serves as senior vice president and chief operating officer, will become president while keeping his COO title.

Prior to managing BGE’s legislative business and playing middleman for the company’s corporate relationships and communications, Butler, an attorney, was senior vice president of corporate affairs for Exelon.

He also managed compensation and benefits for roughly 19,000 Exelon employees while strategizing on how to increase performance and push development as the company’s senior vice president of human resources.

Butler was key in the merging of BGE’s former parent company, Constellation Energy, with Exelon Corps in March 2012.

After graduating from law school, the St. Louis native went to work as in-house legal counsel for the Central Illinois Light Company. A 27-year-old Butler was soon aiding in the deregulation of the Illinois energy business, making it possible for residents to take their energy needs to the utility company of their choosing. (Afro American, 2/12/2014)

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