Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why Does Hugo Chavez Sell Oil to the Devil?

Although Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called President Bush a racist and imperialist devil at the United Nations, he still sells us about 14% of the oil we need. Kanye West said President Bush does not care about black people. Harry Belafonte, while in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez, called Presdent Bush, " the greatest terrorist in the history of the world." Hugo should shut his big mouth. Kanye was wrong. And Harry is living safely in Beverly Hills because of President Bush. Are the rich Hugo, Kanye and Harry working to get African American ownership of any energy infrastructure? What about New Orleans Lower 9th Ward restoration? Any projects or programs at all?

Clearly President Bush makes sure that America gets the oil it needs for our economy to operate effectively. Clearly President Bush probably broke the law when he finally went around Louisiana Gov Kathleen Blanco to evacuate black folk from the New Orleans Superdome and Convention Center. And clearly Presdent Bush has been completely successful in preventing the U.S. from being attacked again. He also appointed Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as Secretaries of State. Hell, let's amend the Constitution so we can reelect that racist imperialist devil.

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