Friday, October 06, 2006

Damu Smith Had to Die to Get in The Washington Post

The Washington Post newspaper never covered Damu Smith's great achievements during his life. Damu Smith, left, was never quoted on the pressing environmental issues of the day. The environmental reporters avoid quoting African Americans like the plague. Their racist behavior in this regard is a disservice to the black community and society at large. If Darryl Fears, a black Post reporter, had not covered Smith and his legacy, he would not have been covered in death by the newspaper's environmental reporters. The Washington Post's environmental reporters and the traditional, mainstream environmental movement work overtime to avoid engaging the African American community. They also selfishly and greedily horde their billions to keep from mitigating environmental conditions in the black community.

Thanks to Darryl Fears, at least The Washington Post covered Damu's life and accomplishments after his death. Damu Smith was a great man, environmentalist and peace activist. Damu organized a toxics environmental conference with AAEA in the 1980's. We have tried and will continue to complement Damu's work in the streets with corresponding work in the suites. It just pisses us off that he had to die to get coverage in The Washington Post that he should have received while he was alive. Damn The Washington Post for its neglect of this great environmental activist during his incredible life. The neglect by the environmental reporters in mentioning or quoting him during his life is despicable and represents the worst kind of environmental racism.

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