Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Endangered Species Act Needed for Black Men?

Sometimes it appears that black men are threatened from all angles. From white racism to black-on-black crime, black males appear to be endangered. The recent execution of another unarmed black man in New York with 50 unanswered shots is the latest example of the threat. Two of the five men firing 50 shots at the car in New York were white. The Latino officer that started the shooting thought someone was reaching for a gun. Michael Richards shooting off his mouth with murderous epithets represented an old time response to 'uppity blacks.'

So maybe the 110th Congress controlled by the party that is 'supposed' to be more sympathetic to the concerns of black people should consider passing an Endangered Black Males Act. Of course, then white males might complain that they are outnumbered in the world and thus more threatened than historically abused black men. Who knows how an EBM Act could protect black men from hate anyway? We just know that a world without black men would be a miserable world.

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