Saturday, March 24, 2007

Al Gore : The Moses of Global Warming

Al Gore has come down from the Academy Awards with 7 global warming commandments:

1) Immediate freeze on CO2

2) 90% Reduction of CO2 by 2050

3) A 'Cap and Trade' program and a carbon tax

4) De facto Kyoto compliance

5) Moratorium on coal plants lacking carbon capture and sequestration

6) A prohibition on incandescent lightbulbs

7) The establishment of a "carbon neutral mortgage association," or ConnieMae, to support the building of energy efficient homes.

He will host a serious of 7 concerts in 7 different countries on 7-7-07. For the unwashed the number 7 has bliblical implications.

Gore's recommendations are lightweight. They will do nothing to reduce global warming. It is a soft path for his presidential campaign. He is running without announcing. His rollout has been brilliant. Gore is more relaxed and natural now. We just wish he would admit that all of this is his latest run for the presidency.

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