Saturday, March 10, 2007

Environmental Justice & Nuclear Power

AAEA President Norris McDonald will moderate a Roundtable on Nuclear Power at the State of Environmental Justice in America 2007 Conference at the Howard University School of Law on March 29, 2007 from 2-4 pm. The roundtable will discuss the perceived pros and cons of nuclear power in a global warming world from an environmental justice perspective. The roundtable will also address the following questions:

1) Is nuclear power beneficial for one group of minorities but bad for another group?
2) Is there another way to meet the electricity needs of America in a global warming world without using nuclear power.
3) Are nuclear power plants disproportionately located in minority communities?
4) How can Renewables Portfolio Standards and other regional greenhouse gas initiatives be accomplished without incorporating nuclear power?
5) If we shut down the nation's nuclear power fleet, how will it be replaced.
6) Are inner city minority populations well served by nuclear power plants?
7) Are Native American populations well served by nuclear power?
8) If global warming is the most important environmental issue facing us today, should emission free nuclear power be a part of the energy mix in the United States?
9) If environmental justice is to be achieved regarding clean air issues, can nuclear power be eliminated from the energy mix?
10) Are there entrepreneurial opportunities available in the nuclear industry for minority businesspeople?
11) Can nuclear power be utilized to help developing countries?

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