Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd Annual Black Environmental Thought Conference

September 21 - 23, 2012

The second national Black Environmental Thought and practice conference invites scholars, activists, farmers, artists, gardeners, environmentalists and outdoor enthusiasts across the African diaspora to engage in translocal and transnational dialogues about environmental justice.  The conference aims to provide a space where participants can bridge theory and practice while creating ethically responsible collaborative partnerships. 

Conference participants will be engaged in a participatory dialogue that aims to produce the following possibilities:

1.  Carve out a vision for a more just and sustainable future of blacks in agircultural and environmental sectors of the economy across the continent and the African diaspora.

2. Collectively name and claim the historical forces that have impeded African diasporan well being around the intersections of economic, environmental, and social justice.

3. Develop an emergency theory of change, which suggests how we might move towards a realization plan that ensures a bettter opportunity to realize the vision defined.

4. Articulate the appropriate nect steps to take to realize the vision. This conference aims provide a space where theory and practice can be closely aligned and in conversatoin. 

This conference will also affirm the deep significance of the arts in the development of Black environmental thought.

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