Monday, December 10, 2012


Hike4Life is a hiking organization.  Their primary mission is to engage the African-American community and other minorities in hiking and outdoor sports. The objective, is to dismiss the idea that these activities are designed for non-African-Americans , as many of our own people have expressed. Hike4Life is an inclusive organization but they feel that it is very important for people of color, to re-establish a connection to the outdoors and to nature.

As with all exercise, the health benefits of hiking are various and many. From casual Nature Walking to intense hiking trails with numerous elevations. Hiking is both mental and physical, and has the ability to reduce chronic health risks. One step at a time, you can decrease depression and increase self-esteem.

Hike4Life is dedicated to make the outdoors experience enjoyable and fun and a communal way to improve your well-being while burning calories, improving the cardiovascular system, strengthening muscle and a re-establishing a connection with nature.  

Hiking is a fun and inexpensive way to improve your health! Hiking and other outdoor activities, also offer a spiritually and mentally refreshing experience. Studies show that African-Americans are at the greatest risk of being diagnosed with Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, higher cholesterol, and high blood pressure (Hypertension) than any other race and our numbers are on the rise. (Hike4Life)


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful project. I love walking in fields, woods, parks... anywhere outdoors and have many friends who enjoy the same. I'd like to learn more about this group's work with children and those with health challenges. I'm also a physical therapist about to re-career my focus into environmental management by 2013

Linda Fletcher said...

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