Monday, December 10, 2012

Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene W. Grant Greens City

Mayor Grant 2012.jpg
Eugene Grant
Eugene W. Grant is the Mayor of Seat Pleasant, Maryland. Mayor Grant has improved the infrastructure of the city by repaving streets, upgrading sidewalks, and installing new storm drainage systems.

Mayor Grant has secured a twenty acre site as a Brownfield designation which now provides for a potential of a multimillion dollar development. In addition, Mayor Grant has worked to construct a major fifteen year pending Storm Drain Project.

Recently, Mayor Grant has successfully negotiated the largest green development project in the city’s history with a September 2012, projected groundbreaking. The City Center will comprise of a new City Hall, Senior Housing, a Community Center, a Recreation Center and a Health and Wellness Center. The City Center is a distributed, integrated, renewable, sustainable infrastructure and power generation development that will have a net-zero carbon emissions. This will be the single-largest green project of its kind in the State of Maryland and possibly the nation. Through this project Mayor Grant desires his city to be a cleaner, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable community in the United States.  (City of Seat Pleasant)

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