Friday, August 30, 2013

Howard University Professor Says Renew Indian Point License

By Emmanuel Glakpe

Emmanuel Glakpe
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"Nuclear power is safe, reliable and clean. As a source of zero-carbon energy, it has no equal. And in our increasingly digital world, it delivers electricity precisely and dependably.

It is therefore to be hoped that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will renew the operating license of the Indian Point nuclear plant in the lower Hudson Valley, so that it can continue to generate electricity for another 20 years, providing power to millions of people and businesses in the New York City area and beyond.

The license for Unit 2 at Indian Point expires at the end of September, though the NRC has automatically extended the license while the review process continues. Unit 3’s license expires in 2015.

Indian Point supplies 25 percent of the New York City region’s electricity. Replacing its 2,000 megawatts of energy with natural gas plants would almost certainly lead to significantly higher rates for residential and commercial electricity users."
(Poughkeeepsie Journal, 8/28/2013)

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