Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Did Belafonte's Delegation Talk Oil?

Singer, actor, activist Harry Belafonte recently met with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Although Belafonte called President Bush the greatest tyrant and terrorist in the world, we wonder if he also took any time to discuss oil. Black Americans control virtually none of America's oil imports and own virtually no energy infrastructure ("What A Good Energy Policy Means For Blacks"). Yet Venezuela provides up to 15% of U.S. oil imports and the U.S. purchases up to 60% of Venezuela's oil output. Chavez's socialist revolution is supposed to use this wealth to improve the conditions of the 80% of Venenuelans who live in poverty. Socialism in oil rich countries never seems to lift the poor out of poverty.

Let's hope the rich, famous folks meeting with Chavez discussed some sort of oil business arrangement between Venezuala and black Americans. We are overdue in significantly participating in American energy product and service delivery. Belafonte's delegation included actor Danny Glover and Princeton University scholar Cornel West.

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