Friday, September 21, 2007

AAEA Supports Fresh Kills Wind Energy Project

The New York Affordable, Reliable Electricity Alliance (NYAEA) recently arranged for AAEA to meet with Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, left, to discuss his proposal to convert Fresh Kills landfill, which closed in 2001, into a wind farm. Fresh Kills was the world's largest landfill. AAEA agreed to support the project right after the briefing. This project is more important now because another proposed wind project on Long Island was cancelled this year.

The project would include 7 wind turbines with a capacity of 17 megawatts of electricity, which could power about 17,000 homes. The projected cost of the project is $40 million. AAEA supports such renewable energy projects because they are emission free and do emit any smog forming gases or greenhouse gases. It would also be a very productive reuse strategy for this closed landfill. (See Staten Island Advance)

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