Friday, September 07, 2007

Poplar Point Soccer Stadium Would Revitalize Ward 8

The DC United soccer team is leading in the Eastern Standings. L. Emilio is leading the team in goals and C. Gomez is leading in assists. DC United deserves a new soccer stadium. Poplar Point is a great location for this development that would serve as an anchor for other economic development projects and environmental stewardship. This project could turn an area that is currently home to neglected land and pollution sites into a vibrant commercial and residential district. We also hope that it would prod the city and the federal government into supporting more reclamation of this untapped nugget East of the Anacostia River.

Cities are known for the structures that greet visitors. Usually the most impressive structures are sports stadiums. Although the current military facilities and sewage treatment plant are valuable assets to our nation's capital, they are not iconic artistic statements for visitors entering from the Southeast. Moreover, Ward 8 it probably the least appropriately developed section of Washington, DC as is Ward 9 (PG County) in the metro area. This stadium/hotel/commercial/residential project would be a new Smart Growth and Brownfield redevelopment project that could also incorporate the latest green technologies. Along with National Harbor right up Highway 295 and the new Nationals Stadium across the river, this project is one of the most exciting proposals to arrive in Washington, DC in a long time. (New Stadium Project: Poplar Point)

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