Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is Carbon Offsetting Just Eco-Enslavement?

Author Brendan O'Neill makes the case in "Spiked" that the rich buying carbon dioxide offsets to continue their energy use while folks in developing countries are encouraged to use human labor to get things done amounts to 'eco-enslavement.' Interesting postulation. Click on the Penguin for our take on this.

Fortunately, we do not call for such 'eco-enslavement.' We are trying to get nuclear power accepted as a legitimate carbon dioxide offset. We have yet to convince a nuclear utility company to collateralize our Green Carbon Bank so that we can promote a voluntary, private sector exchange of these offsets, but we keep hope alive. We are also exploring the feasibility of using non-eco-enslavement mechanisms to offset carbon dioxide emissions through our Carbon Mercantile Exchange. (Hat tip: Mark Morano for Senator James Inhofe)

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