Thursday, January 31, 2008

Barack Obama & the Segregated Environmental Movement

Barack Obama could not get a job in the environmental movement. The exceptions that would hire him include Environmental Defense, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Law Institute and the World Resources Institute (see why). The rest of the enviromental movement makes the Bush Administration look like the NAACP when it comes to hiring and retaining Blacks. The traditional environmental movement is one of the most segregated sectors in America. The 'environment' in many of these groups is so hostile that they cannot retain Blacks even when they hire one. The only Blacks hired at these groups are in administrative positions. A recent phenomenon within the groups is to hire a black comptroller or development staffer. But no policy professionals. Another obfuscation tool is the hire 'one black rule,' also used by many industry associations, as a minimum shield against charges of discrimination. A recent "Oregonian" article describes the current racial status of the movement. We believe these groups are secretly proud of this racist elitism.

So what does this have to do with Senator Barack Obama. Well he could become president or vice president. Why should a President Obama listen to a group of people who exclude people who look like him? And why would this powerful lobby care what a President Obama thought about them anyway? Although the Congressional Black Caucus, of which Obama is a member, has grown to over a tenth of the House and one percent of the Senate and are consistently the highest rated caucus in Congress on environmental issues, it has not affected the hiring practices in the mainstream green movement. Maybe they will rely on the fact that the presidential candidate has not bothered them during his four years in the Senate. Maybe mainstream greens have concluded that Obama does not care about their segregationist and discriminatory practices. Maybe a President Barack Obama would have no effect on the elitist greens. After all, the $6 billion per year environmental movement is a very powerful special interest lobby. And the unwritten 'No Blacks Allowed' policy would probably include a President Barack Obama.

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