Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Enterprise Magazine's Top 100s List In June Issue

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BLACK ENTERPRISE is a business-service publication targeted to black professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and policy makers in the public and private sector. BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine has been profitable since its 10th issue and yearly sales are steadily increasing. The magazine has a paid circulation of 525,000 with a readership of more than 3.9 million. It is carried on board most major airlines and can be found on newsstands nationwide.

Earl G. Graves Sr, right, is the founder and publisher of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine and a nationally recognized authority on black business development. Today he is chairman of Earl G. Graves Ltd., parent corporation of Earl G. Graves Publishing Co., publisher of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine.

In January 2006, Graves named his eldest son, Earl “Butch” Graves, left, the company’s new chief executive officer. The promotion of Graves Jr. to CEO represents the transition of Earl G. Graves Ltd. to the next generation of leadership. His formal title is president and CEO.

Download Industrial/Services 100 List [requires subscription]

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