Thursday, May 18, 2006

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Dedicated Today

AAEA was the only environmental group in the U.S. to support the 12-Lane Woodrow Wilson bridge replacement. AAEA organized community support, generated publicity, and testified at environmental impact statement (EIS) hearings to assure construction of the new bridge. DOT Secratary Mineta, Governors Ehrlich and Kaine, Senator Warner, numerous congressmen, Mayor Williams and several hundred members of the community turned out for the dedication. The Blue Angels flew by and security was very tight on and below the bridge.

At least 1 % of the nation's trucked gross national product (GNP) crosses the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The twice per day bumper-to-bumper bottlenecks increase air pollution, reduce parental time with children, and inhibit efficient business activities. Fortunately, the bridge is designed to handle mass transit, interstate and local traffic, pedestrian and bike lanes. Combined with the improvements at the Springfield "Mixing Bowl," the congestion should be significantly relieved.

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