Saturday, March 08, 2008

Big Energy Companies Advertising Big Time In Newspapers

The natural gas industry is placing full page ads in major newspapers. One ad provides facts by asking questions:

Which Amerian energy source provides 1/4 of the energy consumed in the U.S.?
Which American energy source heats more homes and businesses than all others combined?
Which American energy source is used in nearly 70% more households today than in 1970 yet produces less greenhouse gas emissions?
Which American energy source allows consumers to heat their homes, feed their families and dry their clothing using 1/3 less energy than it did in 1980?

The answer given to each question is natural gas. It is sponsored by America's natural gas utilities.

Another set of ads by, which says it represents The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry, states:
You may be surprised to learn that the profitability of America's oil and natural gas industry is far less than that of many other major industries. Part of the explanation is that it costs billions of dollars to explore for, produce, refine and distribute our products. In fact, U.S. oil and natural gas companies have invested $1.25 trillion since 1992. These massive investments have a single purpose: ensuring you have the reliable supply of energy you need to maintain your quality of life today and tomorrow.
Still another set of ads by the American Clean Skies Foundation ( promotes Chesapeake Energy Corporation, which is a natural gas exploration and production company. The ads promote affordable, stable prices, domestic production for a stronger dollar, natural gas fueled vehicles to save $1 per gallon of gasoline of 'gasoline gallon equivalent,' clean electricity. Contact info: 750 1st Street NE, Suite 1100, Wash, DC 2002. 202-682-6294.

Then there is the ad by COMPETE, promoting electricity competition in the public interest. Compete is a national coalition of more than 190 electricity stakeholders promoting reliable, affordable electric power through competitive electricity markets. Located at: 1317 F St NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 2004. Joel Malina 202-735-6331.

Finally we notice Vestas, which calls itself No. 1 in modern energy. They simply show a large picure of windmills and ask the question: "How about competitive, predictable, independent, and fast and clean energy?"

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