Monday, July 26, 2010

Senator James Webb Wants To End Affirmative Action

But Blacks Do Not Own Any Energy Infrastructure and Resources in the United States

Senator James Webb (D-VA), below left, recently published an article in The Wall Street Journal calling for the end of affirmative action. He tried to be sensitive to African American history by stating that:

"Where should we go from here? Beyond our continuing obligation to assist those African-Americans still in need, government-directed diversity programs should end."
AAEA exists because African Americans are still in need. We challenge Senator Webb to explain his way out of why Blacks do not own any energy infrastructure or resources in the United States. AAEA has been promoting such ownership for years and all we have found are doors closed and locked. We have found resistance to allowing African American ownership where such partnering would help the firm(s) get approval for projects and they still refuse to include Blacks. The only companies that get significant contracts for goods and services are affirmative action-registered minority and women-owned business enterprises [8(a) firms at the federal level]. Without these government 'set-aside' programs, Blacks would be largely shut out in the energy and environment marketplace. The energy sector is a closed shop to Blacks.

So we have to aggressively disagree with Senator Webb's conclusion:

"Nondiscrimination laws should be applied equally among all citizens, including those who happen to be white. The need for inclusiveness in our society is undeniable and irreversible, both in our markets and in our communities. Our government should be in the business of enabling opportunity for all, not in picking winners. It can do so by ensuring that artificial distinctions such as race do not determine outcomes."
Whites COMPLETELY own the infrastructure and resources in the energy sector. They do not have to worry about being discriminated against. Blacks are the ones shut out in what has to be considered a major imperfection in the energy marketplace. Where such imperfections exist, it is the perfect function of government to correct them.

What A Good Energy Policy Means For Blacks

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