Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stewart Brand Can't See Black Nuclear Power Advocate


By Norris McDonald

I was watching C-SPAN2TV tonight and there was Stewart Brand, right, chatting up his latest book, "Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto." As I watched, he started discussing his support for nuclear power. When he pictured about 10 environmentalists who switched to support nuclear power, I noticed that I was nowhere to be seen. Interesting, since I was the first environmentalist in the United States to support nuclear power. Also interesting because the Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy (and outreach arm - African American Environmentalist Association) is the only environmental organization in the United States that consistently, publicly and aggressively supports nuclear power. How did Brand miss us? How did he miss me? I have it. I have toured nuclear power plants all over the world and the radiation has rendered me invisible to certain elitist environmentalists. You know that old school and new school in the environmental movement that avoids interacting with Blacks (unless it is in the designated areas: weatherization, outreach and environmental justice).

Heck, Brand even had Al Gore's picture up there and Al doesn't even support nuclear power. Oh well, I guess he and his other little elite buddies do not want me in their little club. Not unusual, because I also remember when I was the only Black professional working in the Washington, DC-based environmental movement. There still aren't a handful of Blacks working in the traditional environmental movement (unless they are in the designated areas). It leads one to think that old school environmental racism is alive and well among the green converts in the neonuclear movement. I guess what really bothers me is that I was out there alone being told I was crazy by almost everyone I know before Brand or any of his other elite buddies, and yet they pull the same old elitist environmental bull that I have seen for 30 years.

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