Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anderson Cooper Hosts "Planet in Peril" on CNN

Anderson Cooper, below, is hosting a two-part, four hour documentary on our planet's environment. He is mainly covering four broad issues: 1) climate change, 2) vanishing natural habitats, 3) disappearing species and 4) human overpopulation.

The documentary, called "Planet in Peril" is airing at the same time as the catastrophic wildfires in Southern California. We guess Anderson taped some studio footage for the documentary and then flew out to cover the fires. Southern California is in real peril right now because a million of people have been evacuated and about 2,000 homes lost.

This is CNN's first high def production. Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins Anderson as a correspondent for the documentary. We would like to produce one of these documentaries. We would do it just a little bit differently from this traditional format.

Oh oh. At the end of the endangered species and polluted China segments, Cooper's blood test for various heavy metals showed that he has an elevated level (above 95th percentile) of Phthalates (compound in make-up & other cosmetics). And this description of the compound from Wiki: They are chiefly used to turn polyvinyl chloride from a hard plastic into a flexible plastic. Yikes. Coop. Go natural. Although it was played down on the show, we bet performers everywhere will now look more carefully into the makeup they are using. We know Coop will.

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