Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GOP Presidential Race Environment: White Men Only

We do not have anything against White men at AAEA. In fact many of our members are White men. But the GOP presidential contest organizers seem to have something against everybody except White men. The GOP contest is composed of nine White men while the Democratic Party presidential contestants include a Black man, Spanish American man and a woman. The two parties are clear about who they want to participate in their respective quests for the highest office in the land.

Now the GOP could make a case for arbitrary circumstances except for two glaring items: 1) Alan Keyes is being excluded from the field (no pun upended) and 2) The leading GOP candidates skipped the 'Black Issues Debate' sponsored at Morgan State University by Tavis Smiley and a Spanish American debate. Alan Keyes is arguably the most 'articulate' conservative spokesman in the country. The GOP did allow him to participate in the 'Black Issues Debate.' What? He's good enough for the 'Black Issues Debate' but not the 'White Men' debates? Many in America still want to marginalize or ignore Blacks and the Black community. Regardless, the Black community is as American as apple pie.

See also: J.C. WATTS: "Does GOP care about the black vote?"

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